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Megaformer Move: French Twist

Megaformer Move: French Twist


Lead Lagree Trainer

Transplanting herself back to her home state from San Francisco, Danielle is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, 200hr Yoga, and 500hr Pilates.  On the Megaformer, she leads small group sessions with over 4,000 hours of teaching and studied under Sebastien Lagree, the founder and creator of Lagree Fitness™.  Danielle has trained clients in Southern California, San Francisco/Bay Area, and has taught internationally as a guest trainer.  Her background includes teaching Strength and Athletic Conditioning, Cycle, Circuit Training, Boxing, TRX® Suspension & Sports Medicine, Vinyasa Flow & Restorative Yoga, and Pilates. 

She believes each day is the chance to begin anew, each session is the opportunity to learn and potentially push past what may limit us physically and/or mentally. Through effective training and alignment we develop a physical body and mental stamina to encounter anything life or physical activities hands us. She strives to Teach. Motivate. Empower. Inspire.  Get ready for a fun, effective, music driven, high-energy session that will leave you sweating, shaking, and smiling!  

Favorite Exercises:  "the pressure of picking so few is too much...Express Lunge & French Twist"

Megaformer Move: Super Lunge

Megaformer Move: Super Lunge

Alden H.

Lagree Trainer

Alden is a Montana native and the outdoors is an important part of his life.  Staying active and living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to enjoying to the fullest the activities life has to offer.  Our choices and how they affect the body is what started Alden's interest in human anatomy, exercise, and strength training.  Alden is a skier, mountain biker, soccer player, and outdoor enthusiast.  Staying fit allows him to enjoy what life has to offer and lead by example as a dedicated father. 

You can expect Alden to bring an intense, very sweaty, and high energy full body Lagree session.  You will be glad it's over, but excited for your next class! 

Favorite Exercises:  "Giant Wheelbarrow & Super Lunge!"

Megaformer Move:       Soul Train

Megaformer Move: Soul Train


Lagree Trainer

As a recreational enthusiast of running, skiing, and soccer; Amanda finds passion in working hard and feeling good. An avid devotee to the outdoors, physical fitness plays an important role in Amanda’s life, and she finds great pleasure in training herself and others in preparing to conquer the physical and mental challenges of both the adventurous endeavors and the simple rigors of everyday life.

Lagree Fitness offers the opportunity for Amanda to train at high intensity intervals while accompanying the schedule of our busy, fast paced lifestyles. She brings her passion and experience into instructing each session. Join her now for class or private sessions on the Megaformer and begin your transformation.

Favorite Exercises:  The fundamentals, keeping it simple but feeling the burn - Bear & Twisted Wheelbarrow; and finding the rhythm in Soul Train.